Who is building the next NFL dynasty?

Picture the next 10 years in the NFL, and try to imagine a new dynasty emerging from the crumbling ruins of New England’s crazy 14-year run that’s seen four Super Bowl wins and six AFC Championships. No one’s burying the Patriots just yet, but all dynasties eventually come to an end. As Brady and Belichick’s amazing run together winds down over the next few seasons, another team will look to take their spot. Who will it be? Which teams are best positioned to take up the gridiron throne?

“That play solidified me as being able to help the team in a big way. Going to work the next day, I felt so good about myself. We were second seed in the playoffs,” he remembered. The playoff berth resulted in a Super Bowl appearance, another special memory for Redman. “The Super Bowl was the greatest day for my mom,” he shared. “We were getting ready to run out of the tunnel.

Super Bowl 50 will take place on Feb. 22 in 2016, at which point the offseason begins proper. Feb. 22 is the first day clubs can designate franchise or transition players, with the next day signaling the start of the NFL Scouting Combine. On March 15, the 2016 league year and free agency period will open at 4 p.m. ET. At that point, there’s a few days for offseason workout programs, but the next big date is the aforementioned NFL Draft beginning on April 28.

“I love being able to give the guys the knowledge they need to succeed in life,” he shared. “I try to talk to them about discipline, the way to carry themselves. I’m glad to be able to come back and show them the way to make it out. I want to be able to make sure they have the means to do that.”
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Limited Youth Dennis Rodman Jersey His family, including four-year-old Haiden, is also a source of pride and encouragement. “Haiden loves watching football and playing on the pee wee team,” Redman said. “He’s getting into it. He wakes me up and says, ‘Dad, can I watch you on YouTube?’ I told him he could have any number, and he chose 33.”