John Wall buried Dennis Schroder on the court, then on Instagram

The Washington Wizards eliminated the Atlanta Hawks from playoff contention on Friday, and John Wall made sure to let his feelings toward opposing point guard Dennis Schroder be known. He aired his opinion when he posted a picture on Instagram, flooring Schroder with a between-the-legs pull-back (push-off) move in Game 2.

Maybe you had the same experience as I did watching this.

I think I saw the loose puck the same time Caps defenseman John Carlson (#74) did. I have no rooting interest in this series. But I was screaming. Shaking my TV set like Jake Glyllenhaal in the Nightcrawler mirror scene.

This is seconds after Fleury makes the initial stop. Evgeni Malkin boxed out Nicklas Backstrom, which is good. Unfortunately for him, the puck lands on Marcus Johansson’s stick instead. Whoops. All he has to do is just flick it into the net!

Nope. He doesn’t get all of it, Fleury stops it, and the scramble continues.

Elite Womens Ted Ginn Jr Jersey LeBron James has now won 21 straight first round playoff games. The man rarely loses and he definitely does not lose in the first round.

The King is now 12-0 in his career in first-round series and won each of his last 21 first-round games, dating back to his four straight trips to the NBA Finals with the Miami Heat. All-time, James is 48-7 in the opening round of the postseason and has swept his opponent seven of his 12 trips to the playoffs.
For a Pacers team that was as strange as they were all season, they played the Cavaliers fairly well in the series. In fact, after four straight Cavalier wins, the deficit of the entire series was still only 16 points. The problem was, they were playing against LeBron James.
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But, the defending world champs took care of business and now it could be a week before they have to play again. They’ll face the winner of Raptors-Bucks which will at least have two more games. Good day all around for the Cavaliers.