Rob Gronkowski confirms he’ll be at minicamp this week

Tight end Rob Gronkowski has not opted to take part in any of the team’s voluntary work this offseason, but he won’t be skipping the first required work of the year.

The Patriots will hold a three-day minicamp this week and Gronkowski confirmed on Sunday that he’s going to be reporting for duty.

We’ve got mandatory minicamp this week, Gronkowski said, via WBZ in Boston. So I’ll be there this week. I’ll be full go. I’m looking forward to it. Can’t wait to get back to work. I’m excited.

There’s been word about talks to tweak Gronkowski’s contract for the 2018 season. They added some $5.5 million in incentives to his deal before last season and it’s thought something similar could be in the works for Gronkowski, who has a base salary of $8 million for this season.

That said, the source who spoke with Yahoo Sports urged caution that the meeting with Goodell is more of a first stepwith the league that begins a process of reinstatement – and not necessarily a capping moment that ends the process.

The Bellevue police officer wrote the following in Woodside’s citation:

The officer cited Woodside for driving greater than 10 miles per hour over the speed limit.

An arraignment for Woodside was scheduled for Tuesday morning.

In a statement, the Bengals said, We are aware of the incident involving Logan Woodside and are gathering more information.

Ask Patricia about the running game and he’ll talk generically about the 90-man roster. Ask him about individual players, such as undrafted rookie receiver Teo Redding, and he says he’s just a young guy trying to learn. Ask him about injuries and the status of, say, Ziggy Ansah, and while he doesn’t drop Caldwell’s check the report line, he’s just as tight-lipped.

It’s not overly annoying but it’s odd, considering Patricia has a big, engaging personality. Football is about discipline and authoritative leadership, and of course he was going to bring those tenets from the Patriots. One caveat: It works in New England because of Belichick and Brady, and because winning quiets dissent. The Patriots’ success gives Patricia credibility to institute it here, but he’ll still have to show he can do the winning part.

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