The Kings’ offseason game plan: The Drew Doughty conundrum takes the main stage

As each NHL team is eliminated from playoff contention — either mathematically or by losing in the postseason — we’ll take a look at why its quest for the Stanley Cup fell short in 2017-18, along with three keys to its offseason and a way-too-early prediction for what 2018-19 will hold.

A number of things went right for the Los Angeles Kings, actually.

You almost would rather it just be a closed environment, and be alone in your thoughts, and only be there really having any dialogue with Phil and the truck. So anyway, someone’s knocking at the door, and took a peek outside, it was Dick Enberg. Well, Dick Enberg’s coming in. I’m gonna actually get down on my hands and knees and roll out the red carpet myself. For him to come out of his way to come over to the booth and just offer some really supportive words that a broadcaster could relate to — “Sure it’s the Super Bowl, but in a lot of ways, once you get going, it’s gonna be another show. Trust your instincts and feel comforted knowing that you were meant to do this game.” That to me was one of the most generous moments that someone had offered to me in this industry.

Parise, 33, had 15 goals and nine assists in 42 games for the Wild during the regular season, missing a chunk of time after back surgery.

The Wild dropped a pair of games in Winnipeg before roaring back into the series in Game 3. The Jets will also be short-handed, as defenseman Tyler Myers is expected to miss Tuesday’s game with a lower-body injury.

Two weeks into the season, our voters have seen enough to change things on top, dramatically reshuffling the top 10. Let’s start up top: Would anyone have expected the Astros to already cede the No. 1 slot to anyone? Even after a solid start? That’s exactly what has happened, not because the Astros are bad but because we’ve seen several teams sizzle in the early going. Welcome to the reason the red-hot Red Sox captured four of five first-place votes to unseat the reigning champs, although Houston held on to the last vote for the top spot.

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