It was a great call by the Eagles to be sure, but it wasn’t Pederson who made it.

Eagles coach Doug Pederson got a lot of credit for his playcalling in Super Bowl 52, but he didn’t actually call the play people haven’t stopped talking about since Sunday.

On fourth-and-goal in the first half, quarterback Nick Foles lined up behind center Jason Kelce, then pretended to audible to another play and lined up behind his tight end. Kelce snapped it directly to running back Corey Clement, who lateraled to Trey Burton and he found a wide open Foles for a touchdown in the end zone.

The man who made the call was Foles himself as was seen on “Inside the NFL” on Showtime.

This is an embarrassment to the Colts, who have earned a few others in the last couple years — Andrew Luck, anyone? — but not this one. They chose to offer McDaniels another opportunity to be a head coach in the league despite his colossal failure in Denver. They threw him a lifeline; he threw back an anchor.

“This is a resilient group,” coach Doug Pederson said. “This is a group that fought through a lot of injury, adversity … the underdog, right? This is a group I’ll always remember.

“We’re not done yet.”

“Y’all truly are the best football plans in the world, and y’all make it a joy for me to play here,” quarterback Carson Wentz said. “I hope y’allget used to this.”

“We are the center of the football universe!” Chris Long yelled out. “Go Eagles, baby!”

Eagles players, as well as their coaches and their team owner, don’t need to rub this in the faces of the people who spent the last two years scolding players to keep “politics” out of their games and to stop being “unpatriotic.” They certainly don’t need to clap back at everybody who talked out of the sides of their necks about “dividing the locker room.”nike-youth-cardinals-023

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