There’s no going back now. Cousins made $19.953 million for lesser results

The Redskins need to be wary about overpaying him in relation to the returns. The good news for Cousins is, he still plays for Daniel Snyder, who tends to do that with free agents.

There’s no going back now. Cousins made $19.953 million for lesser results. He’ll shoot over $20 million per season with big guarantees. Cousins’ signing will be tied more to the inflated QB market and keeping him away from a more desperate team willing to break the bank, like Cleveland.

Cousins puts Washington into a similar situation that Cincinnati experienced with Andy Dalton. The Bengals were forced to pay up for some stability there to match the Steelers with Ben Roethlisberger and the Ravens with Joe Flacco, even with a lesser product.

The Redskins have been behind the Giants and Eli Manning. They now know the Cowboys with Dak Prescott at the helm are set up for longer-term, top-flight play. Carson Wentz and the Eagles also have a pretty promising future together. Those are three big reasons Washington needs to cave on Cousins.

Ezekiel Elliott has been outstanding as the league’s leading rusher, but history shows it takes extraordinary circumstances for running backs to win the award. Besides, in the spread-the-wealth world of the NFL Honors, Elliott running away with Offensive Rookie of the Year helps Rodgers.

Regardless if the actual voting comes through in his favor, it doesn’t matter. The Packers already discovered after the many times their defense and running game has fallen apart this season, Rodgers means everything to them. He has given them even more than they’ve ever seen before.

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