Blake Griffin and Chris Paul, are frequent complainers, too, but both are injured

Joe Harris, fresh from the D-League, couldn’t believe what Brooklyn’s new coaching staff was telling him in training camp.
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“We pushed him to be our Kyle Korver,” Kenny Atkinson, Brooklyn’s head coach, told “And he was kinda like that battered little doe you find in the forest. He had no confidence.”

But the Nets knew Harris could shoot 3s, and they would figure out the rest later. Ditto with Justin Hamilton, a journeyman center the NBA discarded for Europe because teams didn’t think he could do anything but maybe kinda shoot 3s.

The team’s stars, Blake Griffin and Chris Paul, are frequent complainers, too, but both are injured.

The lack of discipline has got to change, the coach said.

He talked to the team before Wednesday’s win against Memphis and announced a new policy that he hopes will rein in the technicals.

The issue could rise up again in the playoffs, when coaches care more about every possession. There are a few potential hack victims lingering, including Ian Mahinmi (if he ever gets healthy) and Andre Roberson, who has forgotten how to shoot free throws in Oklahoma City.

Elite Andre Ethier Jersey But give the NBA credit: so far, so good. “Teams still don’t believe it,” Atkinson said of Lopez draining 3s. “They just leave him open.”

That will change. Teams are already starting to switch more against those guys, or at least recover to them faster. Bigs will have to learn to attack that gambit by rumbling into the post, working off the bounce, and whipping smart passes — by toggling between lots of styles.

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