Washington joins Bama, Clemson and Michigan in CFP’s top 4

A week after being seemingly snubbed by the College Football Playoff committee, the Washington Huskies find themselves now in the top four.

Washington joined incumbents Alabama, Clemson and Michigan in the CFP’s top four after last week’s No. 4, Texas A&M, lost both a game and its quarterback at Mississippi State on Saturday.

The Huskies (9-0) ran over Cal this weekend to fully capitalize on the Aggies’ defeat.

House puts quarterbacks through psychological testing, similar to therapy, to measure how they handle failure and how they view themselves. Now, only Ryan knows how he views himself in confession. Only he knows how hard the past few years have been, as he has grown accustomed to early vacations, not playoff appearances, the past three seasons.

He has always looked young, precocious — but now he’s 31 and in his ninth year, his face a little more weathered, his psyche a little more hardened. It’s reasonable to guess that he viewed — and views — himself as a work in progress, having achieved a lot, but he knows there’s still so far to go.

All quarterbacks, especially Laken Tomlinson Authentic Womens Jersey the great ones, go through crises in confidence. As with Young, we usually learn about them much later, after their playing days are over and their legacy is secure.

Ryan has always said the right things publicly, even when he was taking bullets for teammates — especially when he was taking bullets for teammates. On the play that probably haunts him more than any other — the incomplete pass at the goal line that lost the 2013 NFC Championship Game — his primary option ran the wrong route, crippling it from the start. Ryan dutifully accepted responsibility for it, a little over-accountability, as Walsh would say. But players later told me that Ryan made the correct read.

It turned out Ryan was doing for the first time what Tom Brady has done every offseason since 2013, what Drew Brees and Andy Dalton and Carson Palmer have also done in recent years: He was visiting with Tom House and Adam Dedeaux, two of the more renowned quarterback gurus. Over six weeks in the offseason, House and Dedeaux gave Ryan his own specialized improvement Larry Warford Authentic Womens Jersey plan, cleaning up everything from his release to his diet.

Dwyane Wade says Heat fans should embrace new era

Dwyane Wade still doesn’t think a lot of people understand why he left the Miami Heat after 13 seasons and three championships to sign with the Chicago Bulls over the summer.

“If you’re not in this business, it’s hard to understand,” Wade said Monday, three nights before his first game against the Heat since his departure. “But I don’t even want them to understand — I want them to appreciate what we accomplished together. I want them to cheer for their team that they have, support those players over there that’s giving their all. Support the future of the organization and be thankful that we all was able to experience an unbelievable ride together. That’s all you can do.”

Wade surprised many around the league by opting to sign with Chicago on a two-year deal for $47 million — which includes a player option — after contract talks stalled with Heat president Pat Riley.

Since signing with the Bulls George Fant Jersey in July, Wade, a native of Robbins, Illinois, has played up the homecoming angle, but many around the league felt that he was just trying to stick it to Riley for not being active enough during the free-agency process and that Chicago provided the best landing spot.

The polls are coming in fast and furious — and there are signs of late momentum for Hillary Clinton, whose lead has increased to roughly 3.5 percentage points over Donald Trump. Her chances of winning the Electoral College have ticked up to 69 percent in both the polls-only and polls-plus models, recovering some of the ground she lost after FBI director James Comey’s letter to Congress on Oct. 28. We’ll continue to update our forecast through early Tuesday morning.

But even if Clinton’s win probability inches up by another percentage point or two, she’ll still be the probable but far-from-certain winner. That means tomorrow is going to be very exciting — not only because the result is uncertain but because an unusually large number of states will potentially have a say in the outcome. Consider, for instance, that party ideologies and demographic coalitions are changing to the point that Clinton is an overall favorite in the race Germain Ifedi Jersey despite being several points behind in Iowa and even a modest underdog in Ohio, and also consider that Trump still has a shot despite sometimes having trailed in polls in red states ranging from Georgia to Utah.

You see these rabbits with myxomatosis, and at the beginning you think,

These old wives’ tales are turning out to be true. These improvements matter, but they create a complicated kind of optimism. Yes the population has increased, yes the standard of living has improved, and yes the landscape has grown some respects more beautiful to look at. But the mood of the interviewees is often elegiac. As far as the older inhabitants are concerned, this is hardly surprising: they’ve seen acres of ancient fruit orchard swept away, job opportunities for farmworkers diminish, and their children – most cases – turning to professions that rupture the sense of continuity. The evidence is all the more touching for appearing terms which conjure the past with wonderful vividness, both because they remember vanishing skills and because of their good old boy accent and idiom. Alan Buckles, 80-year-old rag-rug maker, is a good case point. A rag rug’s a marvel, he tells. When I was a little one I couldn’t find bloody much to do, I found a pair of scissors and cut them. I was a real mess when I finished but I done it.

I done it and I cut it. And that’s how I come to make rugs. But it’s a while ago I made last rug. And what about the incomers? Bishop, a Preston Brown Authentic Womens Jersey entrepreneur, is not alone regretting a lack of community feeling. Others miss local shops and a decent public transport system. Others again worry that they might be contributing to what one of the well-established farmers calls a blandness, a sort of sameyness about everything. Paradoxically, this suggests more similarities between and old than either like to admit: they might put it differently, but they share the sense of living at the end of epoch, and know they are facing threats they have little power to control. On the other hand, there’s no doubting the pleasure that incomers take country life, and many of them speak about this with enthusiasm that matches that of the Ramon Humber Authentic Womens Jersey village elders. The darkness of unlit lanes, the clear stars, the wildlife.. these are praised little prose-poems that are as touching as the celebrations that made Akenfield impressive. Furthermore, they prove something about the incomers’ willingness to fit, even if this means admitting that the reality of a country existence is more testing than they first imagined.

Gipp, a retiree who moved to Akenfield from Surbiton, says: You see these rabbits with myxomatosis, and at the beginning you think, poor thing, should we take it to the vet’s? You eventually realise it’s better to put it out it out of its misery.. I now get hold of its back legs and break its neck on a tree. I wouldn’t have dreamt of doing that Surrey. By the end of Return to Akenfield, and spite of everything that continues to make the villagers feel vulnerable or hard done by, this adaptability has produced a mood of quiet hopefulness. Does this mean has fact been gentler his reading of the place than he appears? It’s certainly true that he does less than he might to show the extent to which Akenfield, like most villages within commuting distance of London, has been merely prettified rather than enriched at a fundamental level. Neither does he have much to say about the impact of recent legislation. But even if these things had been mapped more detail, they probably wouldn’t have done much to alter his conclusions. Return to Akenfield is a generous tribute to the generosity of the place it describes, and tells a heartening story about tolerance and resourcefulness. Have the same qualities saved and invigorated other villages elsewhere? It’s difficult to say, and reasonable to feel doubtful. The faulty connection between town imperatives and country living remains one of the great national issues of our time. · Motion is the poet laureate.

Gino Gradkowski didn’t miss a beat replacing Pro Bowl center Ryan Kalil

The protection isn’t just coming from starters. Gino Gradkowski didn’t miss a beat replacing Pro Bowl center Ryan Kalil when he left in the first half with a sprained shoulder.

That’s one of the reasons the Panthers signed Robert Mathis Authentic Womens Jersey Gradkowski during the offseason. He could be a factor again this week against the Los Angeles Rams if Kalil can’t play.

The Browns acquired Collins on Monday for what will be either a third-round compensatory pick in the 2017 draft (if the Browns are awarded one) or a fourth-round pick in the 2018 draft. Collins said the trade surprised him and he doesn’t understand it, but added the decision was out of his control. He said it took 10 minutes to shift gears and focus on being in Cleveland with the winless Browns.

“Business is business, man,” Collins said. “I’m a grown man. I Ryan Kelly Authentic Womens Jersey know how to handle situations.”

“Situations occur all the time,” he said. “I’m up for the challenge. I’ve been here before, so it’s really no big deal to me.”

Collins can be a free agent after the season, but the Browns hope to sign him to an extension before he hits free agency.

“This is my home for right now, and I’m going to play like this is my home,” Collins said. “This is where I’m at, and this is my focus.”

Collins said he never thought much about the fact that he was going from a Super Bowl contender to an 0-8 team.

“The only thing going through my mind was just transferring up here,” he said. “All my personal belongings. I’m not worried about the organization, coming from New England to here. I’m not. That’s not me.”

He also shrugged off having bad feelings about leaving the Patriots.

“I leave anywhere with good terms with anybody,” he said. “Like I said, I’m not stressing over nobody, no one. Not me.”

Huff has been charged with possessing an unloaded 9 mm handgun without a permit and a small amount of marijuana after he was pulled over for speeding on the Walt Whitman Bridge on the New Jersey side.