Future of sports betting: the pitfalls

When Dr. Christopher Hunt first began working at the University of Sydney Gambling Treatment Clinic in Australia, he recalls seeing “one or two” troubled sports bettors every six months.

Currently, U.S. sports bettors outside of Nevada and Delaware gamble in a massive unregulated market. They are often offered informal credit and are allowed to bet until they are up or down an agreed-upon amount, $1,000, for example. While convenient for bettors and bookies, credit betting is also dangerous.

“The average problem gambler that seeks Borje Salming Womens Jersey treatment has gambling debt twice their average annual income.”

Points are valuable! Of course we want points! And when you have to battle for 60 yards, then turn to a questionable kicker who narrowly sneaks one through the uprights, the last thing you want to do as a coach is repeat this process while running the risk of coming away with no points. The possibility of scoring seven points, though, should make three seem much less valuable.

Tom Brady promptly drove the Patriots 53 yards for a Brooks Laich Womens Jersey winning Adam Vinatieri field goal.

Never go for two before you have to.

The rule differs around the league, but there are a fair number of NFL playcallers who don’t go for two until the end of the game is in sight. For some, you start at the beginning of the fourth quarter, while others might not even think about their two-point plays until there are seven minutes or less remaining in the contest.

The argument says you shouldn’t chase the score until there’s a good chance it might be the final score, which makes some sense, even if many of those same teams and commentators ignore that logic in more conservative situations. (Many of them will argue how teams should kick a field goal to tie the score or make it a one-possession game at similar times of the contest.) It’s true that teams shouldn’t treat the numbers on the scoreboard as if they’re guaranteed to be the final score, but it’s also naive to suggest that scoring is entirely random from that point forward.

“All of a sudden, it was like you couldn’t talk about sports without making reference to what the odds were, what the prices were, whether they thought this bet was value or this bet was value,” said Hunt, a clinical psychologist. “It was what we came to call the ‘gamblization’ of sport.”

I have no issue with that statement at all and I agree with it. I appreciated Foster fighting back, so to speak, and shining a light on that so we could address it and say that those fans don’t speak for a majority of us.

Frankly, I appreciated a helluva lot about Foster. From 2010-2012, he was the best running back in fantasy football, scoring 799 points (Adrian Peterson was a distant second with 710 points. Over those three years, Foster topped the league in carries and rushing touchdowns, ranked third in receiving yards and receiving scores. He finishes his career with a 4.45 yards per carry average, including the playoffs. He also retires with a perfect passing record: 1-for-1 for a touchdown.

Russell Wilson is armed, ‘Dangeruss’ and looks like Rambo in this new ‘90s poster

Russell Wilson unveiled his new Costacos Brothers poster in Seattle on Tuesday night and it’s the perfect piece of nostalgic memorabilia for anyone who had a binder of Skybox basketball cards in the ‘90s. Is it cheesy? Yes. Weird? Yes. Awesome … kind of. The Costacos Brothers dominated the ‘90s poster scene with stuff you probably had on your bedroom wall as a kid, and this is entirely their style.

I almost missed this one. You can Authentic Ahtyba Rubin Jersey see the flashbulbs and outlines of humans in those CenturyLink seats. What did they come to watch? Russ is clearly planning a last stand of some sort. He’s armed and dangeruss. He’s wanted. But nah … you chill in the seats and watch this all unfold.

Suddenly tens of thousands of people are accomplices. Better enjoy going down with him.

Why did Russ bring wanted posters of himself?
Everything I learned about being a Authentic Bobby Wagner Jersey fugitive I learned from The Fugitive. It’s not like Dr. Richard Kimble ran around the entire movie with a wanted poster of Dr. Richard Kimble.

This is a terrible strategy. If Houdini had a chapter in his popular book “The Great Escaper Houdini” about escaping the authorities, he wouldn’t say “Carry a photo of yourself on a wanted poster.”

Look, this poster is super cool. It’s weird — but it’s super cool. The money from its sales are going to charity and that’s what’s really important, but we can’t sit idly by while these questions are left unanswered.

One positive takeaway from the report is that Pop Warner Football leagues have had success at reducing injuries by eliminating dangerous head-on tackling drills and reducing full-contact practice time. Those adjustments made by Pop Warner leagues appear to account for Datalys’ preliminary findings of drastically reduced injuries, not Heads Up Football. Again, from the Times:

Similarly, Heads Up Football leagues saw no change in injuries sustained during games unless they also used Pop Warner’s practice restrictions. The drop in practice injuries among Heads Up Football-only leagues was 63 percent, a very meaningful figure. But combined with the in-game injuries the total reduction became about 45 percent, far less than the 76 percent presented by U.S.A. Football and the N.F.L. for the past year and a half.
Bad science is a pattern for the NFL
The NFL and USA Football can plead they were misled, given that Datalys seemingly never informed them that the data they were using was incorrect. This isn’t the first time that the NFL has relied on faulty data to corroborate its best interests, however. In March, the Times found that the NFL omitted at least 100 concussions from a database it used for years to downplay the dangers of head injuries. In May, ESPN’s Outside the Lines released details from a congressional investigation that found that the NFL pulled funding from a concussion study because it didn’t like the lead researcher, forcing taxpayers to cover the cost, and then tried to steer funding to a more sympathetic researcher.

The fact that the NFL didn’t know what Datalys’ study said may have been an honest oversight, but there’s no denying that for more than a year that oversight worked in its favor. Time and again, the NFL has had no problem admitting it was dumb about claims that were conveniently helpful to its cause. Apparently when the league tries to be proactive about its problems, it can’t help tripping over itself.

When the NFL is forced to be reactive, it has taken half measures, from post-career programs that under-service retired players to poor oversight over NFL medical staffs leading to class action lawsuits by former players alleging rampant and dangerous administration of painkillers. Somehow overlooking a published study wouldn’t be the worst thing the NFL has ever done, but it sure doesn’t help a league that is nominally looking out for the health of the people who play its game.

There is so much going on in this Russell Wilson poster. Too much. It’s like one of those touchscreen games you find at a bar where you insert a dollar to find items hidden in a picture. It also raises a lot of questions.

Robert Griffin III is officially the Browns’ starting quarterback

The Cleveland Browns have officially named Robert Griffin III the team’s starting quarterback, head coach Hue Jackson announced Monday.

“It’s now on Robert to show the organization and our fans that this is the right decision,” Jackson said. “Throughout the offseason program and training camp, Robert has shown improvement every day and we expect him to continue to ascend as he becomes more and more acclimated to the offensive system we will employ this season. I

“‘ve been crystal clear on what we expect from Robert. He fully understands the responsibility and I feel he is ready to handle this role.”

The Browns have had uncertainty Derrick Kindred Jersey at the quarterback position for several seasons, and after a strong offseason and consistent improvement in training camp, the team expects Griffin to bring some necessary stability to the position.

Johnson signed a contract extension with Desmond Bryant Jersey the Eagles this offseason that makes him the highest-paid right tackle in the NFL. Johnson received the five-year, $56.25 million deal in anticipation of an eventual move to replace Jason Peters at left tackle.

However, Peters continues to be held out of practice with a quad injury he suffered Thursday, and coach Doug Pederson has opted to have Matt Tobin fill in for Peters at left tackle throughout training camp, leaving Johnson on the right side.

“Well, we just want to make sure Lane is comfortable at the right [tackle] spot,” Pederson said in a press conference Monday. “The other thing, with the tackles we have, [Matt] Tobin has done a nice job filling in over there. [We are] just giving him that opportunity there, as well. I think Tobin’s having a great camp [and] really has stepped in. So we haven’t felt the need, offensively, to move Lane over there at this time.”

Johnson’s extension from the Eagles contains $35.5 million in guaranteed money, and it’s worth noting that a suspension would void all of it, according to ESPN’s Field Yates. Johnson can still earn that money, but it would no longer be guaranteed.

“Like last season, we opened up in Denver. The weather was warm, the field was nice and you’re up in altitude so the ball just carries. In pregame I think I hit the crossbar from 85, so if the situation is just prime, maybe 84.5 yards.”

Trevor Siemian wins Broncos’ starting quarterback job

Denver Broncos head coach Gary Kubiak announced to the team Monday that Trevor Siemian has won the starting quarterback job for now, at least. Siemian has been competing against veteran Mark Sanchez and rookie Paxton Lynch for the starting role.

Replacing a future Hall of Famer like Peyton Manning is a tall order for any young quarterback, and based on Siemian’s preseason performance, fans Josh Bynes Jersey may want to temper expectations. In Week 3 of the preseason against the Rams, it became clear that Siemian was the team’s best option under center despite a bit of an up-and-down performance. Siemian completed 10 of 17 passes against the Rams for 122 yards, one touchdown and one interception.

GETTING BLEDSOE’D: Stephen Jones doesn’t slam the door on Romo getting Bledsoe’d. With Ezekiel Elliott, Dez Bryant and a brick wall of an O-line, Dak Prescott’s got Justin Forsett Jersey a few things working in his favor already. If he plays well enough, could he end up being the permanent starter?

IN DAK THEY TRUST: Dak Prescott was just an untested rookie. Now, he’s got to be a franchise quarterback. The Cowboys are putting their energy behind the future of the franchise and hope that Prescott carries his preseason into the regular season. Is he up to the task?

VEGAS ISN’T AS HIGH ON PRESCOTT AS YOU ARE: Sportsbooks aren’t as high on the Dak Prescott-led Cowboys as the rest of us. Odds have shifted in favor of the Cowboys’ opponents.

Following the game, Kubiak praised Siemian’s demeanor, which surely contributed to the team’s decision.

“I think he’s very calm,” the head coach said. “I can tell by the way he handles the team in the huddle. He has control of what’s going on.”

Siemian and Sanchez were considered “neck and neck” by Kubiak through OTAs, but their respective preseason performances established Siemian as the leader in the quarterback competition. In two preseason games, Sanchez had 219 passing yards, one touchdown and one interception, but in Week 2 against the 49ers, he was sacked three times and fumbled the ball twice in a 45-second span.

After playing out 2012 on the franchise tag, Goldson left to pursue a big-money contract, signing with the Buccaneers for five years and $41.25 million. However, his play quickly tapered off and his aggressive style caught up to him, as he served a one-game suspension in 2013 for a hit on Roddy White. The Buccaneers traded him to Washington in the spring of 2015, but the new environment didn’t help Goldson, who continued being a major liability on defense. Washington released him shortly before free agency this spring, saving $8 million on its salary cap.

Attanasio he would do everything he could to win back my trust

PHOENIX — Brewers principal owner Attanasio said on Friday morning that his stance on slugger is to forgive, but Eddie Royal Jersey not forget. is founded on giving folks a second chance, Attanasio said about the Milwaukee right fielder, who was suspended for the final 65 of the 2013 for infraction of the League Baseball Joint Drug Policy. But he needs to make the most of that second chance, and he knows that. Attanasio’s comments came during the third annual SABR Analytics Conference, held this year at the Regency Phoenix.

He was being interviewed at the time by Rosenthal of Sports and MLB Network front of audience of about 400 of the people attending the conference. The interview was not televised. originally tested positive for using a performance-enhancing drug during the postseason of 2011, but his suspension was overturned on appeal when successfully challenged the chain of custody of the urine sample. Two years ago at the Brewers’ Spring Training complex nearby Maryvale, denied using the substance during a Ego Ferguson Jersey well-publicized news conference. Last year, was caught up the Biogenesis scandal along with 13 other players. agreed to the 65-game suspension, 12 others agreed to suspensions of 50- each, and Yankees third baseman Rodriguez appealed what was originally a 211-game suspension. An arbitrator has ruled that Rodriguez is ineligible to play this year. I was just stunned that he had done that, forget about the fact that he had lied about it. And then it sank, Attanasio said. Attanasio invited to his own Milwaukee apartment for a heart-to-heart talk. is the face of the Brewers’ franchise and the middle of a contract that will pay him $150 million over 13 years through 2020.

During the hour- meeting, apologized for what had transpired, telling Attanasio he would do everything he could to win back my trust, and more importantly, the trust of the fans the community. 30, also publicly apologized a lengthy letter. I thought the right thing to do was to give him the opportunity to win back everyone’s trust, Attanasio said. The is a really good player. There was even editorial the local paper saying he should be run out of town. MVPs don’t come through Milwaukee too often. I’m not going to run someone out of town for being petulant about not telling me the truth. So we’re working through it. He’s the second inning of the game here. That’s where I am. He’s done a lot of good things the community since. He’s come forth. He made a terrible mistake at the age of 28. I’m not making excuses for, but people make bigger mistakes, who are more mature. In seven Cactus League this spring, is batting.571 with a pair of homers, two doubles and three RBIs as he’s rounding back into the form that won him the National League MVP Award 2011 over Dodgers center fielder Kemp.

It appears most recently on his new record

Via animal-video repository The Awl, here’s video of a snowboard and avalanche and then a dumb, dumb hare dashes directly into the snowfall’s path. Be sure to watch the slow-motion beginning at 0-that little motherfucker of the churning snow before making one flailing leap for safety. I was ten when roared Vlade Divac Jersey across the screen the of 1993. I couldn’t wait for it. Both and ran dinosaur cover-stories leading up to the release, celebrating the new image of hot-blooded saurians set to make box-office records. the week leading up to the movie, I finally… Here is inclusive list of things rappers like to rap about: weed, money, luxury consumer goods, spending money on weed and luxury consumer goods, places they’ve visited that just happen to rhyme with whatever they rapped about the previous line, their exceptional prowess between the sheets, and.… Morrison has recorded the Heartbeat three times the past 32 years. It appears most recently on his new record,, accompanied by Mark Knopfler. The arrangement and instrumentation are renewed, too; the is structured to feel more Wesley Johnson Jersey ventilated and relaxed, like a… Before the world knew V. Stiviano as the girlfriend former Clippers owner Donald made racist comments to on tape, was suing her for $2 million. ‘s lawyers argued court that that, because she and Donald are married and their assets are community property,… Simmons’s appearance on have been a dud, but Gruden taking a break from taping his QB Camp segments to gush about a a rabbit suit’s flexibility and the fact that you can watch a movie on Ryback’s back more than makes up for it.

He seems to be legitimately amazed by the ! Gruden… It’s a blue, cold Thursday and I’m walking down Rugby Road on the first night of fraternity rush at the University of, brushing past groups of identical gossiping boys matching preppy outfits: fleeces, checked oxfords, khakis, boots. Excuse me, they say politely when our coats touch, then turn… 2014, every car on the road should probably have two USB charging ports at the very minimum, and a good cradle to hold your phone at eye level when you use it as a GPS. If any of your vehicles ‘t meet these criteria, you can kill two birds with one stone for just $13 today. When we speak of and baseball, we speak of renewal. New shoots of grass, possibility, the warm rays. We rarely mention the game’s antipodal force that dwells there too, a darkness that consumes -its unblinking saurian eyes unevolved for 37 million years, unregenerate its predation on all hope.….

‘Tis the to give people gifts and whatnot the name of some carpenter dude’s birthday. That whatnot includes charitable donations. That’s where B.’s observation comes into play: A felating monkey as a gift for a child a Toys For Tots toy drive. Self satisfaction, the gift that never quits. Lucky… We’ve seen the Bunny at enough Yankee games over the years to know he’s got tickets, and the felt rabbit handpuppet is doing his thing 100 percent of the time. Throughout the entire game the sits on his lap, watching the game-he moves the puppet’s head to follow the action on the field. It’s… ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. – The classic cat and mouse game is all about well-defined roles. Hungry cat, terrified mouse. The pursuer and the pursued. It can end only with a disappointed cat, or a satisfied cat. The best the mouse can for is to live one more day, terror. This was paraplegic, but that didn’t diminish his joie de vivre. And luckily, he had enterprising child-inventor friend who made him ATB vehicle so he could get around more easily. Watch the whole video for Joe the Bunny’s full story, or skip to the three-minute mark to watch him scoot… Going to the hospital sucks. Aggressively. Hospitals know this, of course. But they have no interest NOT sucking because if going to the hospital were pleasant and breezy, then everyone would go and the staff would be overloaded and have little or no time to fuck each other the laundry room. Everything about… Saturday, the Russian Olympic Committee announced the results of voting for the 2014 Olympic mascots. But one of the 10 nominees didn’t even make it to voting. Ded Moroz, the Russian version of Santa….

I’m really looking forward to coming on board at Bath

Bishop and Flatley also joining from London Irish ‘I’m really looking forward to coming on board’ says Gold Gold join Bath for the 2012 after spending the past four months as the interim coach of Newcastle Falcons. Photograph: Stu Forster Getty Images Bath have brought Gold as the head of their new coaching staff for the 2012, with Toby Booth leaving his post as head coach at London Irish to work under him. Booth’s defence Kelly Olynyk Jersey coach, Bishop, and the Exiles’ academy coach, Flatley, also be moving to the Recreation Ground. Gold, who spent four years as assistant coach of the South Africa national team, said: I’m really looking forward to coming on board at Bath. It’s a very ambitious club, with a great array of talent within the squad that I’m excited to be working with. There is a good culture developing here, and I’m keen to help further that with my own expertise and experience. Gold replace the outgoing director of rugby, Sir McGeechan.

Voice: Louis III, Saginaw I could not live without Medicare, and support our efforts at reform, which will eliminate exclusions for pre-existing conditions, expand coverage and give everyone access to better and more affordable health care. I think a public option is an indispensable and achievable ideal, and think strengthening Medicare Kevin Mchale Jersey is frosting on the cake. I always vote, and intend to cast ballot support of the positive changes our good, fortunate and -overdue, new leadership affords. Saginaw as a disabled retiree is a blessing. Let’s act like the progressive, good Democrats we would all want for neighbors and do the right thing.

Menu By Ginsburg INDIANAPOLIS – Duke ended ‘s miracle run through the NCAA basketball tournament by defeating the gritty underdogs 61 to win the national championship on Monday. I’ve been fortunate enough to be eight national championship games, and this was a classic, said Duke coach Krzyzewski. This was the toughest and the best one. It was a game that we won, but they didn’t lose. Brian Zoubek’s foul shot with 3 seconds left gave Duke a 61 lead and when he missed the second attempt, ‘s Gordon Hayward launched a 50-footer at the final horn that glanced off the backboard and hit the rim before falling away. I just thought, ‘Please don’t’ Duke guard Nolan Smith said of Hayward’s potential game-winner. It looked good. I was just praying it didn’t go. It was the toughest game we played all year, said Blue Devils guard Scheyer. I can’t imagine what those guys are feeling like. They gave everything they had, just like we did. It’s hard that one of these teams had to feel that way. ‘LIGHTNING A BOTTLE’ is a private school located just six miles from Lucas Oil Stadium, site of the Final Four. The crowd of 71 roared on each basket and groaned when Hayward’s final shot misfired. All you can ask for as a team and as a program is to have a shot to win it, said guard Zach Hahn. That’s what every team asks for and we were right there, against a great Duke team. They’ve got NBA talent and a great coach. A couple of more stops and it was ours., whose 25-game winning streak was snapped with the loss, defeated West Region top seed Syracuse and then knocked off number two Kansas State to reach the Final Four. The Bulldogs, champions of the little-known League, defeated 2009 runner-up Michigan State to secure a date the championship, the fifth successive tournament game they had held their opponents under 60 points. had a to win it when, trailing 60, Hayward missed a fadeaway 15-footer from the baseline with four seconds left. Zoubek was fouled after grabbing the rebound, his foul shots setting the stage for Hayward’s desperation attempt. We caught lightning a bottle and ran with it the last 25 games, said Stevens. We just came up one possession short a game with about 145 possessions. It’s hard to stomach when you’re on the wrong end of that. Scheyer had 15 points and Smith added 13 for the Blue Devils, who held to 34 percent shooting. It was a battle, said Smith. is a very special team and I won’t be surprised if I them back here next year.

In 2005, the group sold the building on a land contract to the Bay Arts Council

BAY CITY, — After 122 years, one of Bay City’s oldest fraternities has a new home. On Friday,. 30, officials from the Joppa Lodge No. 315 of the Free and Accepted Order of Masons closed on the purchase of the former Whistling Idiots Theatre after more than a century of meeting at Bay City’s historic Josh McCown Jersey Masonic. Next month, the Masons plan to host their first meeting inside the 5-square-foot theater, 701 N. Buren St., and begin settling. It’s exciting time for our group, said Baker, treasurer of the Masons. We’ve been looking for a building and when this came up, it was perfect opportunity. The Masons purchased the former dinner theater from owner Steer for $115, about $50 less than the asking price, said Lockey, who helped broker the deal. The building is valued at about $150, according to Bay County property records. Steer, 62, has been battling throat cancer since 2013, which recently spread to his, his Steer said. It’s bittersweet, Steer said of the sale. We loved that theater; it was his passion. Unfortunately, he couldn’t keep it for health reasons, but we’re happy about the sale and that it’s staying the community with the Masons. Steer is receiving Kadeem Edwards Jersey chemotherapy and radiation treatment at McLaren Bay Region’s new Karmanos Cancer Institute, his said. The Masonic, located at the corner of Sixth Street and Madison Avenue, was ideal lodge for the Masons when membership numbers were the several hundreds. But as memberships and the condition of the building declined the 2000s, organization leaders realized it wasn’t a viable option, said Griffiths, a past master of the Joppa Lodge. At the time, architect hired by the Masons estimated repairs to the building could exceed $3 million, he said.

In 2005, the group sold the building on a land contract to the Bay Arts Council, which expressed interest raising funds and restoring the facility to its formal glory. That effort continues today through a group called Friends of the Historic Masonic. After the sale, the Joppa Lodge struck a deal with the Lodge, another order of Masons located on the city’s West Side, to share a space for monthly meetings. After a year, however, it didn’t work out, Griffiths said, and members of the Joppa Lodge were stuck looking for a new location. Over the next several years, the Masons met a couple spots — back at their original building thanks to a lease worked out with the Bay Arts Council and at the Scottish Rite Masonic Center, 614 Center Ave., which is connected to the Masonic and owned by the Scottish Rite, a higher order of the Masons. Eventually, Griffiths said the Joppa Lodge Masons wanted something more steady and a place of their own, they went search of a new property. They plan to begin meeting their new building the first Tuesday of. Today, the lodge has about 180 members. The Joppa Lodge Masons are the third owners of the former theater and church, nestled East Side Bay City neighborhood. The neoclassical Greek building, which formerly housed the Church of Christ Scientist, was built 1911. Steer and his best friend and business partner Asiala — who died suddenly 2011 — purchased it 2005 to transform it into a comedy dinner theater called the Buren Street Theatre. The theater’s first production, Boys, was met by a sold-out crowd.

Following Asiala’s death, business halted at the theatre for a time before Steer decided to give it one more go. In 2011, he took over full control of the theatre, reopening it as The Whistling Idiots Dinner Comedy Theatre. The inside of the building still resembles a theatre. Headshots of actors still hang on the wall, the stage remains intact and dinner tables are still setup. In the coming months, members of the Joppa Lodge are to remove the stage and make minor repairs to the building. Structurally, the building is solid, and it has much character, said Lockey, who helped broker the deal. It’s a perfect fit for these guys. Walking through the building on Friday,. 30, Baker, treasurer of the Joppa Lodge, admired the large wooden sliding doors near the entrance of the building and the stained glass skylight that allows the to warm his group’s future meeting spot. It’s absolutely beautiful, he said. This place looks like a lodge, feels like a lodge — it’s going to be a great home.

Sitting on the couch watching football?

Sitting on the couch watching football? Hate taking part holiday festivities such as baking, shopping, and talking to relatives? Well, you’re luck. Here at , we’ve decided to give you a holiday gift just a little early. It’s –you ‘t have to get us anything back. Like we said, we know you hate shopping. With 41 bowl spread across the holiday , you’re going to need plenty of excuses-er-reasons, to sit on the couch and not do anything productive.

we’ve provided this Derrick Coleman Jersey list, ranking every college football game order of interesting-ness, and giving you something to say when your mom, wife, grandma, or other annoying person asks if you can help them wrap that cookbook for Aunt . Here is a reason to watch every college football bowl game this year: 1. Goodyear Cotton Bowl: Alabama vs. Michigan State, 12 I mean, if you’re not watching this one, you might as well give away your jersey, sell your flatscreen TV, buy a -cane apron and go help Grandma with her cinnamon raisin muffins. The other playoff game is great too, but there’s a reason this one’s at 8 p.m. Alabama was the best team during the regular , and Michigan State plays just like them. Head coach Dantonio is a former Saban assistant, when he was at Michigan State. If QB Connor Cook is healthy, the Spartans have the advantage there.

The Tide do have Dion Bailey Jersey the best player the country running back Derrick , though. Can Alabama avenge a semifinal loss to Big Ten champ Ohio State last year? There’s more layers to this one than Aunt ‘s fruitcake. Just how good is Clemson? We’ll find out New Year’s . 2. Capital One Orange Bowl: Clemson vs. Oklahoma, 12 Plan accordingly. This game should be a high-scoring affair, as two of the nation’s best offenses and two Heisman-contending QB’s face off for a spot the national championship game.

Mayfield is a fascinating story his own right–he walked on as a freshman at Texas Tech and came to Oklahoma after the Red Raiders refused to offer him a scholarship. than the off-field storylines, we’ll find out everything we need to know about these two teams on New Year’s . Clemson went undefeated during the regular and emerged quickly as the College Football Playoff committee’s darling despite really not playing anyone. How good are they? How good is Oklahoma, which got lucky by playing backup QB’s against Baylor and TCU? 3. Bowl: Iowa vs. , 1 We think this is the best of the non-playoff , . Iowa proved it deserved to be position for a CFP spot when it took Michigan State to the wire the Big Ten championship game, and nearly pulled off the program-shifting upset. These Hawkeyes be hungry to show the rest of the country that they belong, and they’ll get a fantastic opponent Pac-12 champion .