Adrian Peterson’s recovery: weighing short-term vs. long-term benefits

The injury Adrian Peterson sustained to his right knee — a torn meniscus — could have been much worse. The initial word Sunday night was that Peterson had avoided a much more significant injury, and there was hope on Monday morning that damage to the 31-year-old’s knee was limited to cartilage, not ligaments.

Josh McCown spent the first half of Sunday’s game lighting up the Ravens and making it clear that coach Hue Jackson hadn’t chosen the best quarterback on his roster as his Week 1 starter. But then McCown got hurt and the Browns gave away a 20-point lead, and now they will start their fifth different starting quarterback in as many games. It remains entirely possible that Cleveland, which has an insufficient number of NFL-caliber players on its roster, will lose all 16 games this year. It’s also still possible (though somewhat less likely) that the Browns will use 16 different starting quarterbacks to do it. No matter who they throw in there, they won’t be able to protect him. The only thing that can start to fix this is a dozen or so 2017 draft picks.

With that in mind, here’s a look at what we think we learned from Week 2, and a few things we think will turn out to not matter much at all.

This is from Thursday, but it bears resurrection. The Bills are 0-2, have already fired their offensive coordinator, and face the Cardinals and the Patriots the next two weeks. That smells a lot like 0-4, and the dysfunction is obvious from miles away. Ryan said he’d be the first to go if the team didn’t win, and instead it was Greg Roman. So I’m not buying anything he says. Instead, I’m buying Frank Reich head-coaching futures in upstate New York, especially if Carson Wentz has a big year in Philly.

Seriously, Rivers is the most underrated quarterback of his generation. He loses Keenan Allen in the first half of his Week 1 game. He loses Danny Woodhead in the first half of his Week 2 game. But who has eight kids and the third-best passer rating in the NFL right now? That’s right. THAT guy. The Chargers might not be on your AFC West contender radar, but they still have — easily — the division’s best quarterback. And one of these weeks, he’s going to make it through a whole game without losing a critical offensive weapon.

Aaron Rodgers hasn’t finished a game with a 100 or better passer rating since Week 6 of last year and just when you thought his yards per pass attempt couldn’t get any lower than it was last year (6.7), he’s averaging just 5.9 yards per attempt so far.

Colts QB Andrew Luck listed as limited because of right shoulder

INDIANAPOLIS — Colts quarterback Andrew Luck was listed on the team’s injury report as being a “limited” participant in practice Wednesday because of his right shoulder.

Luck took part in all the individual drills during the portion of practice that media was able to watch Wednesday.

Having Luck deal with any kind of injury is the last thing the Colts can afford this season. Two of the nine games he missed last season were due to a right shoulder injury.

Wright had 408 receiving yards and three touchdowns last season. He missed six games with knee and rib injuries.

The Titans picked up Wright’s fifth-year option in the spring of 2015, and he’s due a base salary of $7.32 million.

The New York Jets haven’t played a game yet, and already Fitzpatrick’s sometimes-reckless style of scrambling is an issue. It came up Wednesday, four days before the season opener against the Cincinnati Bengals. Coach Todd Bowles was asked what Fitzpatrick can do to improve as a quarterback, and he began his answer with the obligatory references to cutting down his interceptions.

“But the No. 1 thing he can be better at,” Bowles said, “is learning how to slide feet first, not head first.”

“I definitely don’t want to play with a thumb injury on my left hand all year again,” he said. “It’s something I’m thinking about. I can stand in front of you and say, ‘Yeah, I’m going to slide,’ and then I get out there and I get competitive. I’ve got to pick and choose. I’ve got to be smarter.”

Fitzpatrick’s competitiveness is one of the traits that endears him to teammates. The 33-year-old doesn’t want to throw that away and become a robot in the pocket. At the same time, he has to protect himself. If goes down for any length of time, the Jets are in big trouble.

Bowles was asked if he believes Fitzpatrick will heed his advice.

“If he slides one time more [than last season],” he said, “he’s taken the advice.”