you may not be able to read people’s minds

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Donald Thomas Kids Jersey Hey, I know it looks bad. But I covered the 2013 Giants, who started 0-2 and then went and got shut out in Carolina in Week 3 en route to an 0-6 start. This is not that team. This is not that sad, weak, hollowed-out roster. There’s too much talent on this team for it to play this poorly for four months. No one wants to be 0-2, but if the Giants had started 8-2 and played two games exactly like this in late November, it wouldn’t look as bad as it does right now. No team wants to be 0-2, I get it. But as I pointed out earlier, no one’s running away with the NFC East, and there’s time to fix this.

After a fairly mediocre Monday night game, both Eli Manning (No. 17, down 14 spots) and Matthew Stafford (No. 19, down 10) have seem their jersey sales slump. While the dropoff of the Denver duo of Demaryius Thomas and Emanuel Sanders from Nos. 2 and 3 overall last week to their current Nos. 24 and 32 can easily be seen as an artifact of the Broncos going on the road following a MNF opener, Russell Wilson’s 16-spot slide to No. 26 overall can’t be dismissed as easily. Wilson was at home, and his Seahawks won — but only 12-9 and 198 passing yards and 1 TD while getting sacked three times shows his market value is indeed way down.

Is there anything predictive about these jersey sales in terms of figuring out which players you should drop and which ones you should try to snag in a deal? Not in terms of future performance, no. However, as a way to see which players might be currently surging in popularity or, conversely, falling out of favor by football fans at large, you may well be able to use this information as a supplementary tool to identify sell-high and buy-low candidates.

After all, but you may be able to get inside their head by seeing what they choose to wear below it.