Cowboys vs. Giants: Score, results, highlights from Sunday night game in Dallas

In the weeks leading up to Sunday night’s Cowboys-Giants game in Dallas, both teams at different points wondered whether they would have their respective star offensive players available. As it turns out, Dallas had Ezekiel Elliott, but New York did not have Odell Beckham Jr.

That had at least a little to do with why the Giants’ offense looked so bad during Sunday night’s 19-3 loss to the Cowboys.

Authentic Womens Jurrell Casey Jersey The cornerback is an astute student of the game as well. Cowboys safety Byron Jones, who also spent his rookie season learning and playing various positions in the secondary, told ESPN about Awuzie’s development from training camp to week one: One thing that’s unique about him is he’s incredibly intelligent. He understands the playbook.

He’s playing a lot of positions. He’s very similar to me, as a guy we’re asking to play a lot of positions. The future’s bright for him. He’s far ahead of where I was my rookie year. He just understands a lot more He just understands football. He’ll be a good player. I see him being better [than I was my rookie year]. He’s going to do well. He’s going to be a very good player.
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They’ve done it by asserting their individuality into existence. And if you’re of the opinion that the NFL would be a better product if players were more than superhumans who have been forced into the same uniforms like sleeves of Kraft Singles, then this is really encouraging. If the NBA is a life preserver for the sinking American sports landscape, NFL players are flailing to latch on.